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What are key straps and their parts?

by Mindy

For making the smallest items, hard work and time are required. The key chain is considered one of the important souvenir items. You might have seen keychains or key straps of plastic, metal, or PVC. Whether a key chain is made up by hand or machines it gets ready after doing a lot of work on it. One question that must be pondered up in your mind is “how key chains are manufactured?” let’s discuss it in detail, so it could get easy for you to buy a keychain or key strap.

Parts of keychain

Before going in the other direction. Let’s discuss the parts first. There are three parts that make a keychain when connected together. These three parts are:

  1. Chain
  2. Trinket
  3. Ring or clasp

But you should keep in mind that in a keychain you will not find a chain every time, and the clasp will not be round for every keychain. For example, some keychains come with irregularly shaped clasps like lobster claws, while others come with a ball fitted into a piece of metal. Almost 90 percent of keychains are made from metal and plastic. Some other materials that are used for manufacturing keychains are wood, rubber, and paper.

How keychains are shaped?

The end result may look cool and splendid, but there are various methods that work on the back end for making trinkets for keychains. The three most common ways of making keychains are:

  1. Injection molding
  2. Stamping press
  3. And Die Cutting

Let’s discuss how die cutting works for making trinkets.

Die cutting machine is used in this method and this process is done on an industrial scale. First, you have to choose the material. Then you have to pass the material through the rollers, and It works for the keychains of paper, wood, fabric, rubber, and plastic. The next step is of cutting with a die. In this step die with blades is placed on a sheet of rubber, plastic, or wood. The design you wished for will be printed on the sheet and the blades will cut evenly around the boundaries. After that, you have to remove the extras. As paper, rubber, or plastic material may be left on the edges you have to trim off excess material from that. Although, die cuts well you don’t have to do a lot of work in cleaning. Doing this will help you in getting a clean and shiny trinket for your keychain.

Trinket into keychain

After your trinket is ready you can use any shiner or liquid to increase the gloss of your trinket. As manual dies can produce some impurities, machine-made trinkets come out too clean. That’s why for keychains you should always choose a reliable and trustworthy website so you can get the trinket of your own choice. After cleaning you have to add the ring with a chain to the trinket. As chain and ring are manufactured separately that’s why you can get three types of customization options. You can use two rings and a strap to make up a key strap too. Your keychain will be ready after attaching these three.

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